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Bizarre VX Network!

Product's Page

  1. Html Infector :This is a sample of an html virus.(nothing special)
  2. Funky Deamon 2: A cross virus. It infects html and doc files. Uses ActiveX technology. Get it , it is pretty good.
  3. Narayan : My first Excel virus. Simple Excel virus nothing special.
  4. Bogus : An mirc worm that infects doc and vbs. Files. Really good virus I think you should add it to your collection.(study it, pretty good functions I think J )
  5. Cell : This is a small word virus. It is for the Contest of the smallest Word Class Virus.(Not available until the contest is finished)
  6. Toothpaste!: My lately mad virus. Excel virus.
  7. DARKPoISON : A very good PowerPoint Virus. The infection tech that uses is really really bizarre(like our network). This tech is never used before. Unfortunately is not available to download. This virus will be published with metaphase's ezine number 2.When you'll see the virus code you will understand how outstanding it is.
  8. DieingSeas : A good Excel/Word virus. This virus will also be published with metaphase's ezine number2.

That's all for now.



NOTE: older virii of mine aren't available. L